My parents always had rather inventive punishments for my siblings and I as we were growing up. I was the youngest, and so by the time they got to me (the youngest of four) they were pretty well mellowed, and had the inventive punishments worked down to perfection.

      So when I brought home the "F" on my report card, I already knew I was going to be in big trouble. It was third quarter, and I had one chance to pull it up to a passing grade in the last quarter. My parents had mellowed out, as I said, and they made a deal with me. Pull the grade up within the first half of the quarter, and there would be no punishment. However, if I did not pull it up, that would prove that I was not trustworthy.

      "No more trustworthy than a two year old," my mother now stated, holding my progress report from the first half of the grading period. I did not like the sound of that. It sounded like one of the famous inventive punishments was in the works. Wonderful. I was probably at the very least going to be grounded for the rest of my weekends until the school year was out, maybe the rest of my life if I didn't pull the grade up.

      "In fact, you were more trustworthy when you were two," my mother said. "At least then, I always knew where you were, and what you were doing. That's why from now until the end of this school year, you will be a two year old."

      My mouth dropped open. "What? You can't be serious..."

      "Oh I am very serious, young man," my mother said. "You will sleep in the crib, you will drink, eat, and dress like a baby, and you will wear and use diapers! As soon as you come home from school, you will be in the playpen, and you will do your homework. Your homework will be sent home on a note from the teacher, and it will be checked to make sure you are doing it. If you fool around and don't do a good job on it, you will be happy to be in diapers for the padding they will give your bottom, which will be very sore." The veiled threat was not lost on me. I knew there would be no way to get out of this punishment. "If that grade does not come up, and you have to repeat the seventh grade," my mother cautioned, "You will spend your entire summer and your entire school year next year as a diapered little baby."

      That said, my mother lead me back to my bedroom. I saw that this punishment had already been thought out and planned on, as my room was completely changed from when I had left it that morning. There was already a distinct smell of baby powder and baby lotion in the air, the bed had been replaced by a white crib with pink trim and a bunny stenciled on it, the desk had been replaced with a diaper changing table (which matched the crib) and beside it was a diaper pail with the same bunny stenciled on it. The sheets on the crib were pink and white as well.  The changing table was stocked with diapers, mostly large disposable, but also a stack of cloth, with a stack of clear baby panties and a pin cushion with diaper pins beside them. There was a mobile hanging above the crib with butterflies on it.

      "These are GIRL'S things," I blurted out, before I realized just how much like a whine it sounded. To make matters worse, I had insinuated that I would willingly accept boy's nursery furniture.

      "I found these at an auction," my mother informed me. "They were practically new, almost looked never used, and they were inexpensive. If I were going to buy you a whole new nursery, it would be for a lot longer than just five weeks. However, if that's what you want..."

      "NO!" I hurried my answer. My mother would make good on that offer if I didn't stop it right then. She waited; I could see she expected me to continue. "These things are fine," I said. She wanted more. "These are GREAT," I said, trying to sound enthused. "Thank you for getting them for me."

      "That's more like it," my mother said. She reached out and began to undo my pants.

      "Mom!" I reached for my pants and tried to pull away. "I can do it myself..."

      "Don't be silly!" she said, slapping my hands away. "Two year olds don't dress themselves, and besides, I have to get your diapers on you. Two year olds certainly can't diaper themselves, it would leak terribly."

      I blushed, realizing that she was actually right; if I diapered myself it would be as bad as a two year old diapering himself - I had no experience with diapers at all. My sister was the babysitter in the family. I was too young until recently, and then I considered it a "girl's job." I fought tears of embarrassment as the pants slid down my legs, and my underwear followed. I wouldn't see that again for a long time. With me naked from the waist down, my mother turned and unfolded one of the disposable diapers on the changing table, spreading the back flaps with the tapes out.

      I briefly wondered where she had gotten such large diapers, as she suddenly lifted me up and laid me on the diaper on the changing table. I was too shocked to even protest; being picked up like that was something that no one had done to me since I was seven. She made me lay down, then sprinkled some powder in my diaper area. Then she reached between my legs and pulled the diaper up through, making it very snug as she spread the front flaps out, brought the back flaps around, and used the four tapes to secure it. She then ran her fingers over the waist and leg openings, to make sure it wouldn't leak I guessed, and then picked me up and put me in the crib.

      She wound up the mobile (at least it played one of my favorite tunes - Eidelweiss), slipped a purple pacifier into my mouth, which was still partially open in shock, and told me to take a nap, leaving my bedroom/nursery.

Chapter 2

      That evening, true to her word, my mother came and got me from my nap at supper time. She checked my diaper, which was still dry, then brought me out in just my diaper to the table. My father was at work when my sister and I got home from school, and did not get home until late at night, so we only saw him on weekends and some mornings if he got up early. This was fine with me tonight. My sister was at the table, grinning from ear to ear and staring at my diaper.

      "Did the little baby boy wettums hims diaper yet?" she said to me in teasing baby talk. There was a high chair set up at the table and my mother slipped me into it, strapping me in and locking the tray in place over my hands. She tied a bib around my neck. Then she brought a plate of food and began to spoon feed me mashed potatoes, corn, and hot dog cut up in small pieces.

      "He was still dry," my mother commented. "He hasn't gone since school though, so I know he will wet that diaper soon. You should just go," she said to me. "You will have to sooner or later, so you might as well get used to using your diapers. If you wait and flood it all at once, it will leak. I'm sure you don't want that happening in school."

      I nearly choked. School! They were going to make me go to school like this? I tried to speak but every time I opened my mouth my mother put more food in. Finally she paused to give me a drink of milk (from a baby bottle of course) and before she could resume feeding me I protested this way of feeding.

      "Can't I just feed myself?" I pleaded. "Two year olds can feed themselves!"

      "I don't want you to get hurt using silverware," my mother said. "I will get you some baby silverware to use later, next weekend if you are good. Until then, either I can feed you, or you can eat with your fingers." I was done with the corn and mashed potatoes then, so I said I would eat my hot dog with my fingers. I felt so childish doing so.

      Then I remembered why I wanted to be able to talk in the first place. "I have to go to school like this?" I asked.

      "You will wear diapers to school under your clothes," my mother told me. "The school nurse will change your diaper when you need it, and all your teachers know you are in diapers for awhile. I realize that you may think you can just take your diaper off in school, but the nurse will be checking you at lunch every day. If you don't go and have your diaper checked then, she will come and get you. And if your diapers are always dry, I will know you are using the potty. If I find out you have used the potty, I will extend your time in diapers, and I will have some of your friends in school watching to make sure you don't go in the restrooms."

      "Then when you get home from school, you will take your pants off, and spend the rest of the day in just your diaper. Your diaper will be checked once when you get home from school, once after dinner, and once at bedtime. Other than that, if you need changed you will have to ask. You will take a nap when you first get home from school, then you will work on your homework in the playpen, then you will eat dinner. If you still have homework, it will be back in the playpen, and when you finish, you may watch TV or play with your baby toys. Bedtime is 8:30 on school nights, and 9:00 on weekends, and you will wear just your diaper and a t-shirt to bed. You may have a night time bottle - I'm sure wetting your bed won't be a problem!" I blushed at her reminder of my old bad habit.

      "There is just one more thing we need to talk about," she said. "You know on Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays I work. I thought your sister would just take care of you when you got home from school, but she got on the cheerleading squad, and will not be home until late. So I had to get a babysitter for you. When you get home, you will be going to your little friend, Stacy Thompson's, house..." She was saying more, but my head was swimming and I missed some of it. Stacy was a girl I had a huge crush on, and she was in the sixth grade, a year younger than me!! She couldn't be my babysitter!

      "...will work out well for her too, since her parents are nervous about her and her sister being all alone in the house until they get home from work too. So you will take your naps there. They have an old crib already set up for you, I will pick you up when I come home from work at 5:00." Stacy had a sister? I didn't know that, but I also did NOT want to meet her in this state. I could not believe it, and tears rolled down my face as I pleaded with my Mom not to make me do this.

      "There's just no other way," she told me. "You should have thought of that before letting your grades slip like this!" I was done with my supper and she let me out of the highchair, taking my bib off, and sending me to the living room with my bottle. I sat on the baby blanket she laid out on the floor and watched TV blankly, not even aware of what was on. I wet my diaper as I sat there, jumping a bit as the warm tingling sensation rushed through it. I had accepted the inevitable. My mother smiled from the couch and said she would change my diaper when she put me to bed. I just sat through all this and worried about tomorrow - for tomorrow was Friday - my first day to be babysat.

Chapter 3


      I awoke the next morning in my crib with a wet diaper. Vaguely I recalled awakening the night before with a need to go, and just releasing it into my diaper without too much thought. I realized there was no way I would get out of diapers, and I couldn't fight nature, so I might as well just use my diapers. Besides, it felt kind of good.

      But right now the diaper did not feel very good, for it had turned somewhat cold and clammy. My mother entered the nursery not too long after I awakened. "Good morning, Baby," she said cheerily, taking my blanket off. My diaper was yellow tinged and sagged. "My goodness, someone needs a dry diaper!" she said, picking me up and putting me on the changing table. Quickly she got the wet diaper off me, cleaned me with baby wipes (causing me to jump a bit since they were cold),  powdered me, and got a clean diaper on me snugly. "Maybe Baby will need thicker night time diapers!" she commented.

      For the day I was dressed in regular school clothes. My school required a shirt with a collar, and dress pants. Once she dressed me, I looked in the mirror and tried to detect the diaper under my pants. There appeared to be a bit of a bulge, but it didn't look too bad. The crinkling was worse, I wasn't sure what to do about it. Hopefully the noise in the school would drown it out!

      For breakfast I was once again put in the high chair, and this time my sister fed me. She spoon fed me oatmeal, which made this quite a bit like a real baby feeding. I had on a large bib, so she made sure a lot of the oatmeal dripped down my face. My mother did tell her not to do it so much though, since I needed my breakfast in my tummy, not on my face. She also gave me a bottle of orange juice. This worried me a bit because it was an 8 ounce bottle, and I was used to less than that - just a juice glass. I wondered if I could make it through a whole school day without wetting my diapers.

      As I left, my mother handed me an extra bag to carry. It was a whole package of extra diapers! "Take this to the school nurse," she told me. "She already knows you are coming with it." As I made my way to the bus stop, I took a few minutes for a side trip down the alley between two houses nearby. There I took all my books from my book bag, and shoved my diapers inside. Then I had to carry all my books.

      As soon as I got on the bus and sat down, I felt someone quickly slide in the seat next to me, and someone else slide in next to them. I looked up, right into the eyes of Stacy. I had dreamed of her sitting next to me on the bus, but now it was a nightmare.

      "Why, good morning!" Stacy said to me, and her friend next to her giggled. I looked over and saw it was Sarah Lockhart. Wonderful. I could tell she knew, as she kept staring at my pants, which was where Stacy's eyes kept wandering as well. "I can't really tell," she finally said, sounding disappointed. "That's ok, I'll see them this afternoon!" I still didn't say anything, my throat turning dry, my heart racing, and my face flushed and hot. "Well, what's the matter, cat got your tongue? Or can't ya talk yet?" This elicited more giggles from Sarah.

      "Yes, Sarah knows," Stacy told me. "She comes over and we do our homework together every evening - I could either tell her not to come anymore, in which case she would have wanted to know why anyway, or I could still have her come over and either be extremely shocked at finding you there, in the condition you will be in, or just tell her and save us all from embarrassment. most of us anyway," and this time she giggled with Sarah.

      "My little sister knows  too," Stacy said. "If you don't want anyone else finding out, I suggest you do EVERYTHING I tell you, and no questions asked, or I will make your life a living hell...then again, I might anyway." I could tell Stacy was enjoying this power she had over me. I was extremely embarrassed by it, what would the other kids at school think if they saw her ordering me around, and me obeying her every wish? She was a sixth grade girl!

      She noticed my bag, and all the books in my lap. "Umm..what's with all the books you got there?" she asked, poking them. "Why don't you have them in your bag? Got something else in your bag, taking up room?  Let me see..."

      I found my voice, as she pulled my bag away. "Just books! I had...a lot of homework!"

      She unzipped the bag and looked inside. "Doesn't look like books to me," she giggled, letting Sarah have a look as well.

      "Bad Baby," said Sarah as she looked in the bag. "You told a lie! Stacy, you should spank him for telling lies!"

      Stacy giggled. "Maybe we will," she said. "We'll see how good he behaves the rest of the day." She grabbed my hand as the bus came to a halt in front of the school. In this way she led me from the bus and into the school. There were several looks passed between other students as they saw us holding hands and began to draw their own conclusions, and I got several jealous looks from other guys. Stacy seemed not to notice, and just ignored them.

She walked me all the way to the nurse's office. "I'll leave you here, Baby," she whispered in my ear. "I need to get to my locker and to class, and I assume you have your instructions. See you in the halls, and at lunch!" With this, she smacked the back of my diaper and left. I looked all around wildly, to see if anyone had heard the loud diaper smack, but no one was looking my way. The halls were pretty noisy in the morning.

I took a deep breath, and pushed open the door to the nurse's office.

Chapter 4


      "Hello, can I help you?" the woman behind the desk asked me.

      "I'm ummm...I have..."  I couldn't think of what to say, so I just pulled the diapers from the bag and handed them to her.

      " must be Vinton. Right?" she prompted.  I nodded. "Ok, we will just put your diapers right here," she put them inside a cabinet, "And when you need a diaper change you just come straight here and I will change you. Ok?" Again I just nodded.  When I didn't leave she said, "Do you need changed right now?" And reached out to check me.

      Now I found my voice. "Um No!  I mean....I'm ok.  I' diaper is...dry..." I blushed furiously having said that.

      The nurse smiled at me. "Well, ok then. I guess you can go until you need changed then. Oh, and don't forget you absolutely must come and be checked at Lunch. If you don't I'll come looking for you, and I might just carry one of your diapers with me as I look for you."

      I would not be forgetting this appointment. I left the office and practically ran headlong into Sarah, who was apparently waiting for me. "I thought I would just walk you to class," she said. "Just to make sure you aren't tempted to make any unscheduled stops along the way."

      I reflected that although this was designed to embarrass me, I was actually sort of happy to have Sarah to keep me from being tempted to use the Boys' Restroom. I would undoubtedly be caught sooner or later if I resorted to that. She walked me to my homeroom, and right to my seat, then whispered in my ear as Stacy had done. "Have a good day, Baby," and then she was gone.

      "Hey! Slickster!" I turned around at my nickname to see who was calling me. It was my friend Leroy. "Slickster!" he said. "What the hell did you do, get a sex enhancement kit or something? This Morning I see you holding hands with that cute little sixth grader....what's her name? Stacy Thompson? And now you got Sarah Lockhart walking you to class? If that's some new cologne, I want some!"

      I tried to laugh it off. "Must be...something I'm wearing today," I choked out. Not a lie at all.

      Leroy looked me up and down. "No Dude.  That's not it," he said. He was quite serious. Then he shrugged. "Anyways, leave some chicks for the rest of us. Jeez!"

      I reflected that perhaps this wasn't too bad after all. It was getting me a lot of attention from certain members of the opposite sex. But on the same note, it was unwanted attention in this case.  But still, it DID do something for my reputation...

      While I was musing over these things, the announcements were read for the day. We got our usual morning routines stuff out of the way, and headed to our first period classes - I had pre algebra. Big yay there.

      It was unusual, but even with the diaper, I found it much easier to concentrate and do my work. This increased with each class, till Fourth Period - English. I finally  had to pee. And to make matters worse we were discussing Huckleberry Finn - a story about two boys on a raft on the Mississippi River. About midway through the class, the Mississippi River erupted in my diaper. Luckily, it held it all in.

After class, I hurried to the Nurse's Office. On the way there, I ran into Stacy. "Well, hi!" She said. "Where are YOU headed in such a hurry?"

I told the truth and told her I was going to the Nurses' Office. "Ohhh...ok," she said with a knowing smile and a wink that made me blush.   

      I entered the Nurse's office. This time I took a little more notice of the room, right down to the name placard on her desk that read "Nurse Wilson". She looked up to see who had come in, and smiled upon recognizing me. "Need changed?" she asked me. I simply blushed and nodded. "Ok, follow me then."

      She got a couple things out of the cabinet, including one of my diapers, and walked into the back. I followed mutely, to find her spreading a changing pad on a bed in the infirmary part of the clinic. "Are you just wet, or are you poopy too?" she asked me.

      I cleared my throat. "Just wet," I managed to croak out. She reached out and began to undo my belt, and I backed away.

      "It would be a lot easier if you stood a bit closer to me than that," she remarked, stepping closer to me and this time undoing my belt. I tried to move away again, but this time she held me in place. "Relax. I've changed diapers on bigger kids than you," she told me.

      "Really?" I asked.

      In that one moment that I was caught off guard by surprise, she quickly pulled my pants down, exposing the diaper I was wearing. "Yes, really," she said. "Now lay down on the changing pad. It's a good thing you came to me now, if you wet this diaper any more, you would have leaked." I lay down and she popped the tabs on my diaper, then pulled it open. I tried to get used to it, realizing it would be less than 5 hours before I would be having my diapers seen, checked, and in all probability, changed, by two sixth grade girls.

      She got out a baby wipe and began to wipe me clean. I got a bit excited by this and it was visibly noticeable, but she simply ignored this as she then grabbed me under my legs and lifted my bottom into the air. She pulled the wet diaper out from under me, and cleaned my bottom with the wipe, then slid another diaper under me, and sprinkled some baby powder on me before letting me down on the new diaper. She sprinkled more baby powder on my front regions, and then pulled the diaper closed and taped it snugly on me. She let me get up, and pulled my pants back up for me, tucking in my shirt, and redoing my pants and belt.

      "There, that wasn't so bad now, was it?" she asked. I thought about it and realized it really wasn't, as she rolled the diaper into its cover and disposed of it and the baby wipe, put the changing pad and baby powder away, and then went to wash her hands. I shook my head, causing her to smile. "And now you don't have to come back at lunch," she said, "since it is only a half hour from now." She sat back down at her desk, and wrote me a pass as I was late for my next class.

      I left the clinic and walked through the now quiet halls, noticing the distinct crinkle of the new diaper, and wondering if there was a way I could get into class and not have to walk far to a desk crinkling noisily like this.

Chapter 5

            I slipped into class quietly and as luck would have it, I was able to grab a seat in the back. But my French Teacher, Mrs. Adams, saw  me. Dang...that old eagle eyed bat never missed anything. "Do you have             a pass?" she asked me.  I held it up. "Well, don't just sit there, bring it up to me," she   ordered. I sighed and rose from my seat and tried to move as quietly  as I could down the aisle to hand her the hall pass. I heard a few  crinkles, but I figured my hearing was fine-tuned listening for it.  Hopefully no one else would hear it.

            "What's wrong with you? You walk like a 90 year old," Mrs. Adams said. "Clinic?" she asked, looking at the pass. "Why were you there?   Sick or something?" My mother told me all my teachers knew.             Apparently not this one.

            "Medicine," I came up with quickly. "I have to take medication."

            She gave me the evil eye. "Try not to interrupt my class anymore," she said.

            I bit back the impulse to point out that if she would have left me alone when I came in, class would never have been interrupted, and  returned to my seat.

            Lunch was next. All the classes had lunch at the same time, and of  course, Stacy and Sarah sought me out. "I'll get your lunch for you Baby," Stacey said, coming up behind me in the line. "Just go with             Sarah to your seat." Meekly, I allowed Sarah to take my hand and lead me to a table.

            Sarah had a bag lunch, and Stacey brought our hot meals over to the table. "If you are good, I'll let you feed yourself and not wear a bib," she stated matter-of-factly, putting my tray in front of me.

            "What about a baby bottle?" Sarah giggled.

            "Probably needs one, but it COULD cause us potential embarrassment too," Stacey told her.

            "Good point." Sarah watched me eat. "You know, you COULD actually TALK to us," she finally commented. "We really aren't all that bad..."

            "Says who?" Stacey quipped, causing them both to go into another fit of giggles.

            I sighed. "What's your sister's name?" I asked Stacey.


            "How old is she?"

            "She's 9." Stacey grinned at my obvious discomfort. "Yep, she's  reeeaaaaal interested in learning to babysit too. She's looking  forward to this!" I was happy that Sarah only had an older brother.

            The rest of the day went ok, I had to use my diaper once. I was on my way to the clinic to be changed before getting on the bus to go home when I was intercepted by Sarah. "Where you going?" she asked  me.

            "Ummm..I was going to the clinic," I said.

            "Forget that, not time for it now," Sarah said. "We need to go get a good seat on the bus...Stacey can't hold one open for all of us  forever you know. We'll change your diaper at her house." Great.             Just what I was trying to avoid!

            We went to the bus. When Stacy saw us, she smiled wide and moved over in the seat she had saved. I slid in in the middle, with Sarah on the outside. Many guys from my class passed by giving rather             envious glances. I reflected that they wouldn't be so jealous if  they knew what I had to put up with from these two.

            "Let's see your homework assignments," Stacy said, extending her  hand. I dug in my bag, then handed my list to her. I had to write  down all my assignments down every day. "Hmmm..this isn't too bad,"            she said. "Sarah and I will do our homework while you take your nap  when we get home. Then we'll help you with yours."

            Even though they were sixth grade girls, I knew they were both  exceptionally bright, and I was genuinely grateful for this. Maybe they WEREN'T so bad after all. Maybe.