Prolog: Mewtwo and Mew continued to gain vast amounts of weight after Mewtwo’s previous adventure and both were now the size of continents! They thought of gaining even more, bigger than the planet, bigger than Jupiter, bigger than the galaxy even! But, one thing put a halt to that: humans. The many governments on Earth had now taken notice of the massive pokemon and demanded that they become “better suited to there environment” and loose weight. Grudgingly, Mewtwo and Mew agreed and were soon brought down to 600 pounds. After merely a week of this, they were both sick of it, they wanted to be big again, the giant blobs of fat they once were! Both began to think and decided to go where humans could never tell them what to do: outer space! Mewtwo, using his great intellect and vast sums of money he now had from selling his useless stuff on Ebay, was able to construct a enormous space station and hire an army’s worth of scientists and helpers, and fly the massive ship to the darker part of the moon. There they floated, free from humans...and eager to gain back all there lost fatness!!

Chapter 1

Mewtwo sat in his large lounge room, the walls painted a deep purple and a large egg shaped window showing all the beauty of space. Mewtwo was lounging on a massive couch, a bag of chips in one pudgey paw, a triple XL soda in the other. Mewtwo was still upset about his forced weight loss, though he was still massive by Earth standards, he was only 1/4 of the massive blob he and Mew once were. Mewtwo let out a sigh and drained the rest of his soda, as the door let out a quiet “ping!” and Mew, now looking like a morbidly obese pink cat, floated in. “Hey Mewtwo!” she chirped in her maple syrup sweet voice. “Hi Mew...” Mewtwo replied sighing again. “Awww, what’s wrong big guy?” Mew asked, floating to Mewtwo’s side “you still angry about the human thing?” Mewtwo nodded. “Well, don’t be!” Mew replied “we’ve got all the space we need to grow out here!” Mewtwo smiled slightly “Thanks Mew, you always know what to say.” Mewtwo said to his pink kitty buddy as they hugged.

Chapter 2
deep within the labs of the massive space station, scientists zipped to and fro. One in particular, a rather chubby Raichu named Dave, was studying a strange substance the Feild Team had found in the moon’s crust. “This new substance looks amazing..” Dave thought to himself as the substance was being scanned. Dave thought of the wonders this new substance could do, but then his mind drifted onto another topic, his big belly. “Man, I gotta loose weight...” he thought, placing his paw on his belly. Before he could think another thought the scanning machine let out a loud “ding!” and the substance slid out on a table in a vial. “scanning has revealed nothing..?” Dave thought aloud. Dave picked up the vial with the silvery liquid sloshing inside. “Well...bottoms up.” and with that he undid the top of the vial and swallowed. At first nothing happened, but then his belly started to gurgle and he felt a bit woozy. Instantly his belly and body began to grow as fat pilled onto him! After 3 minutes the weight gain stopped and Dave had fallen onto the floor! Other scientist pokemon ran to him “Dave! Dave are you ok?!” Dave stood up and smiled “never better!” the other scientists were amazed at Dave’s new weight “Dave, you’’re...huge!!” Dave smiled “yup! Its awesome!” “Awesome?!?!” they blurted “I thought you hated fat??!” “Hated fat?? Heck, no!!” Dave replied “fat ROCKS!!!” the scientists were amazed, Dave, now confused somewhat, took another sample of the substance and delivered it to Mewtwo’s room.

Chapter 3

“So you’re saying...we can gain weight with this stuff?” Mewtwo asked the scientist that brought him the sample. “Yes sir,” the scientist replied “we’re searching the surface for more...” Mewtwo turned and a thought began to resurface in his mind: a colony on the moon. Long before Mewtwo had become fat he had dreamt it, but then it was for power or money, now it was for the good of all those who were fat admirers or very fat themselves. But he was quickly jolted back to reality as the smell of chocolate chip cookies came to his senses. Mew was smiling, offering a massive platter of them with one dainty paw. Mewtwo grinned and took the cookies and thus there feast continued.

Chapter 4

meanwhile on the dark grey surface, many astronauts scoured the surface for more of the mercury like fattening substance. Many hours passed but still nothing, but at 5:30 PM Earth time the greatest deposit of the substance was sheer accident! The substance sat in a massive crator 250 yards wide, inside sat large deposits of the substance, along with a crystal form of it which was much more potent. After delivering the goods to the station, it was found out that a vein of the substance ran almost 9 miles into the moon! The scientists asked Mew and Mewtwo if they should start to mine for it, but they decided against it. With this new substance in great supply, Mew and Mewtwo’s weights shot up dramaticly. In one week they went from 1,156 pounds to 1,789 lbs! They were overjoyed at this but the thought of a colony hung in Mewtwo’s mind...

Chapter 5

Weeks passed and the coloney began to form. The coloney on the moon was long finished but now pokemon other than scientists were comming! Almost 200 pokemon in all settled on the new world. Mewtwo looked at this happily and made his final decision, as he pressed a button and a large fat-mercury (which the substance was now called) crystal appeared on the table. Mew floated in. “Mewtwo, what’s going on? Why’s there such a big fat-mercury crystal here?” she asked confused. “Mew my friend,” Mewtwo replied “we are starting something new.” “New?” “Yes new,” he replied “we’ve been working so hard to be as fat as we can, but never re-crossing that threshold into immobility. Well I say now is the time.” “Why?” Mew asked innocently “our mobile work is finished Mew...but our immobile work....has just begun..” and with that he broke the crystal in half and the gave to Mew. All at once the gooey mercury dripped onto there bodies and began to expand them. Mewtwo motioned towards the window and opened the Space Door and floated out, Mew close behind. By the time they got a good distance away they weighted close to 900 pounds each and gaining fast! Every 10 minutes they were almost 200 pounds fatter and by an hour later they weighed close to 1000 pounds! But Mewtwo and Mew loved every minute of it and just lay there, wallowing in there own fatness.


many months later Mewtwo and Mew were both double the size of Jupiter! The colony had also grown greatly, now close to 300 in population! The scientist in the colony had clarified that Mewtwo and Mew would never stop getting fatter, they would just grow and grow and grow. Meanwhile, Mew and Mewtwo lay in space, wallowing in there own morbid obesity and in total bliss.

The End